1 x (21) Hor. 2 x (10+10) Drills Vertical Line Boring OM-BR-21U40

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  • The machine is standard design and constructed for Horizontal and Vertical Boring units.
  • Custom models with 4, 5 and 6 vertical boring units are variable to meet any working requirements.
  • Each vertical 10 + 10 x 2 total 40 drills, drill head can be adjusted to any degree position for X or Y axis combination construction drill.
  • The machine is easy to operate. Simply press the foot switch and entire horizontal and vertical boring operations can be accomplished quickly.
  • Vertical boring for drilling at longitudinal and cross directions.
  • The vertical boring units can be adjusted up & down and right & left. Readouts are provided for accurate indication of adjustment.
  • The end-horizontal boring unit with 21 drills can be adjusted up & down, in & out stroke.
  • An emergency switch is provided on the top beam, allowing the operator to stop the machine conveniently.
  • The panel clamp is adjustable at any position.
  • Square slide way for vertical boring unit, providing maximum rigidity and stability for boring operations.
No. of Ver. Boring Units2x(10+10) Bits3x(10+10) Bits4x(10+10) Bits4x(10+10) Bits
No. or Hor. Boring Units1 x 21 Bits1 x 21 Bits2 x 21 Bits2 x 35 Bits
Max. Working Size (W x L)36″x71″36″x71″59″ x 100″59″ x 100″
Drill Between Center32 MM32 MM32 MM32 MM
Drill Bit Type7/16″x 14UNC7/16″x 14UNC7/16″x 14UNC7/16″x 14UNC
Min. Distance Ver. Heads5″5″5″5″
Max. Boring Stroke3″3″3″3″
Ver. Boring Head Spindles40608080
Hor. Boring Head Spindles21217070
Spindle Speed (RPM)3400340034003400
Ver. Boring Head Drive Motor2 HP x 42 HP X 62 HP x 83 HP x 8
Hor. Boring Head Drive Motor3 HP x 13 HP x 13HP x 23HP x 2
N.W.2800 LBS3300 LBS4500 LBS4500 LBS
G.W.3300 LBS3800 LBS5200 LBS5200 LBS